My mission is to create a connection between the art and the collector.

The power of art can transform the environment in which one lives and works.  Each work of art conveys a part of the overall story, reflecting the personality and essence of its owner and his or her home or office.  My goal is to provide the perfect ‘art experience’ for the buyer and the collector – whether that be working directly with the collector, or consulting with a design team and their client to creatively select and match artwork to their taste and vision.

With a deep understanding of the art market, I hope in turn not only to purchase on behalf of the buyer but more importantly to educate the buyer on all things art, from investment and current market value to historical importance and theory to new trends and emerging artists.  

Taking into account each client’s personal collecting needs, tastes, investment strategies, and budgets, I become your private art scout, considering many works of varying size, style, medium and price, before making a recommendation.  Recommendations will be made only after thorough auction analysis, research into artist curriculum, price comparisons, trend vetting and prudent looking to the future.

I will often pre-select pieces and when possible, whisk you into galleries, take you behind-the-scenes into the artist studios, or bring the artist to you when initiating a commissioned artwork to be made for a specific space. 

I promise to expertly represent the interest of all of my clients in today’s challenging but extremely exciting Art Market. ​